How it Works

We know that many people suffer from a range of digestive issues including reflux and that this can make life miserable. With so many ways of seeking help it can be difficult to know where to turn to find the right help from a suitably qualified practitioner. We wanted to make that process simpler so that you can search for a practitioner confident in the knowledge that they can help you safely.

The purpose of this site is to provide a network of practitioners with particular expertise in supporting those with digestive issues especially but not limited to acid reflux. Every practitioner on this site has the skills and expertise to help restore proper function to the digestive system reducing the need for medication where appropriate

Our Steps

Our practitioners are ready and waiting to help you on your journey to better health and being able to eat food and digest it with confidence.


Step 1

Select your Practitioner – our practitioners are based throughout the UK and overseas and may practice in clinics, online or both. You can search for a practitioner by area or by specialism. If you have other health issues on top of your digestive problems, you can search for practitioners who specialise in helping with that, too.


Step 2

Get in touch with your practitioner to find out how they can help. The practitioner's contact details will be on their profile, and their preferred contact methods are there, too. Many will offer you a free, no-obligation chat to see if you are a good fit for each other and to discuss service options and prices. From there, you can pick the practitioner that best meets your needs.


Step 3

Once you have engaged your practitioner, you can start your journey to improving your digestion, confident in knowing they have all the skills you need. They will work with you and your medical team where appropriate to help you achieve your goals.


What is a PPI?

PPI stands for proton pump inhibitor. It is a medicine used to prevent the stomach from creating stomach acid. It is often prescribed by your doctor but is also available to buy without a prescription. While they benefit some, they are not for everyone, especially in the long term, unless there is an underlying issue apart from simple reflux. For simple reflux, they should be used at the lowest dose for the shortest time, in line with the NICE guidelines.

What issues can PPIs cause?

Long-term PPI use can result in nutrient imbalances and osteoporosis, amongst other health concerns.

Should PPIs never be taken?

Absolutely not. For many patients, PPIs play a valuable role in protecting the digestive system from damage and supporting healing when the digestive system has been damaged. Our practitioners are trained to recognise when using a PPI is essential and can support patients to minimise the negative impacts they can have when stopping isn't appropriate.

Should I just stop taking my PPI?

We would never advise you to just stop taking your medication without consultation with your GP. We work with patients and their doctors to identify when stopping is appropriate. If appropriate, we can help support the process in collaboration with your medical team.

What is rebound heartburn?

When you take a PPI, the ability to make stomach acid is blocked. Because the body detects the drop in stomach acid, it increases the signals to the stomach to overcome the blockage. When the PPI is stopped, these extra signals create much more acid, often making people feel the medicine is essential. But it will eventually calm down, and our practitioners can help you manage this and minimise the risk of damage from the acid.

I am not taking a PPI. Can a practitioner still help me?

Absolutely. Our practitioners are trained to support issues with digestion, whatever the cause. There are many simple approaches to supporting digestion and managing reflux that do not involve taking a PPI. Our practitioners can work with you to explore how your diet and lifestyle affect your digestion and work with you to put this right. Getting in before medication is issued is where we excel.