We know you are here because your digestion is a big concern, but we also understand that this may only be part of the problem.

While all our practitioners have extra training in supporting your digestive issues and reflux, many have areas of particular interest that may also be relevant for you.

If this applies to you, you may prefer to find a practitioner who can help with those health issues.

Male Health

Looking for additional support with hormones, erectile dysfunction and prostate issues?

Female Health

Looking for additional support with your hormonal or menstrual issues?

Fertility and Pregnancy

Looking for additional support with getting pregnant or having a healthy pregnancy experience?

Children and Teenagers

Looking for support for your child's digestion or other health needs?

Brain Health

Looking for help with mood, concentration or other issue with brain function?

Thyroid Health

Looking for someone who can help support you with your thyroid health?

Immune Health

Looking for support with allergies, poor immunity and autoimmune conditions?

Weight Management

Our practitioners can support you in making sustainable changes to help with weight loss.


Need help with managing your blood sugar?

Heart Health

Looking to improve your heart health?

Gut Health and IBS

Looking for support with wider digestive issues including IBS?

Mental Health

Looking for support with mood and better mental health?


Looking to connect with a practitioner with additional training in the support of nutrition alongside a cancer diagnosis?